Paper Straws Bulk Purchasing - Why It Makes Sense And Where To Buy From

Paper straws bulk purchasing may be something you are seeking for your hospitality or catering business. There’s been a recent shift in people’s perceptions of the use of plastic, with the realisation that our extensive use of this non-biodegradable and non-recyclable material is causing serious environmental issues. We are instead turning to alternatives such as paper, which is a sustainable and recyclable material, to replace plastic in all kinds of ways. While drinking straws may seem a small change to make, it’s a significant and high profile one. So for businesses particularly, it’s important to change their purchasing habits. But profitability is still an issue. How do we balance the two?

What Is Behind The Move Towards Paper Straws?

Whether you’re a small business or a huge multi-national, making the change from plastic to paper straws bulk usage may seem like an inconvenience at best; an unwelcome additional expense at worst. It may also seem unnecessary. Surely straws aren’t that much of a hazard by themselves when you compare them to the sheer amount of other plastic packaging we discard on a daily basis? One of the key motivators behind the high profile campaign to reduce the use of plastic straws was a 2015 viral campaign on the internet after a researcher released a video of a sea turtle in Costa Rica with a plastic straw embedded in its nose. This perfectly illustrated the issue: that even a small, apparently insignificant item can cause such distress to ocean life. And because plastic is so robust a material, a feature it was once praised for, it doesn’t degrade or recycle. So discarded straws can linger on for thousands of years, mounting up and forming life-threatening masses in oceans worldwide, such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This lies between Hawaii and California, is largely made up of discarded plastics (including drinking straws), is twice as big as the state of Texas and growing all the time. It’s a frightening thought. The move to use paper straws bulk UK and worldwide is a small but helpful awareness-raising initiative: if we can persuade people to change their behaviours in little ways, larger change will follow. Sales of biodegradable, more environmentally-friendly bulk paper straws UK wide are increasing as individuals insist on less harmful alternatives to single-use plastics.

The Benefits When You Buy Paper Straws In Bulk

The switch from plastic to paper straws might not appear to be that beneficial to businesses in the first instance. Initially, for example, if you compare the cost, then paper straws are clearly more expensive than their plastic equivalent. However, it’s all a matter of perspective. Split the cost down to compare the per-unit price and you’ll realise that paper straws are still very cheap. The alternative to switching to this more environmentally-friendly product is to risk your company’s reputation. The extremely high profile of the campaign to move away from plastic straws means those businesses that don’t are in danger of being seen as uncaring and ignorant of the issues. That’s when it becomes important to start looking at where to buy paper straws in bulk. If you can switch from your existing supplier to one that offers great value for money when buying this product wholesale, you will still benefit from economies of scale. Buy paper straws in bulk and you’ll find it’s more convenient too. It means you are less likely to run out of the straws people expect to find at your restaurant, hotel or bar. Purchasing in bulk is even better if you do so online, as you’ll save time on shopping trips, as well as cutting back on the use of petrol, for instance. And because paper straws simply don’t have a sell-by date, you can be sure that if you buy six months’ or a year’s supply, you can cut the cost dramatically and there won’t be any wastage. But all that depends on finding the right supplier. Here are a few tips.

Looking For The Best Paper Drinking Straws Bulk Supplier? Here Is How

If you’re convinced of the benefits of buying paper straws wholesale for your business, you will want to know how to find the best supplier for your requirements. First, make sure the company you’re thinking of purchasing from is a specialist in the field. As paper straws bulk or otherwise are a bit of a hot topic in the media at the moment, you’re likely to find some sellers are recent additions to the market, jumping on the bandwagon. A company with decades of experience in this industry, on the other hand, will have the right supply channels in place to offer quality paper straws bulk, reliably, in a timely fashion, and at the best possible prices. If they have been in operation for some time, there will be reviews from past and existing customers you can rely on to give a good indication of the quality of service and product you can expect. Check that the company offers a good selection of types of drinking straws and in the right packaging for your business to use straight away. If you’re going to display your paper drinking straws bulk on a counter-top, for instance, you want to ensure they’ll come in an appropriate dispenser, rather than just an industrial-sized box. Check that the company in question can point to the environmental benefits of its products. This will give you reassurance that your company’s reputation won’t suffer by offering an inferior alternative. At The Single Use Paper Company, we have years of expertise in sourcing and supplying quality paper drinking straws to the catering and hospitality industries, to name but a few.

For Paper Straws Bulk Purchases, You Can Do No Better Than The Single Use Paper Company

As well as offering all the benefits of dealing with an established supplier mentioned above, if you purchase paper straws bulk from The Single Use Paper Company, you’ll find ordering online is not only easy but fully secure too. You’re buying directly from us, so there’s no hassle making a trip to the wholesaler or cash and carry. And because we cut out the middleman, we can keep our prices as low as possible, saving you money. To see the impressive range of products we have on offer, including paper drinking straws in wholesale quantities, head to our new website at If you have any questions, we’d be delighted to answer them if you give us a call on 01325 525 888 or email us at

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